With over 20 years of experience and its dynamic staff, each of whom are specialized in their own fields, today, Şahin Law Firm, which was founded by Canan Şahin and Serkan Şahin in 1993, provides advocacy and legal consultancy services to the respected institutions / organizations and individuals including domestic and foreign investors in Turkish, English, French, Italian and Russian languages.

Our Working Areas

Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankcruptcy Law regulates ways of collection of receivables in case of the non-payment of debts. It is possible to commence either an execution proceedings or a bankcruptcy proceedings under certain circumstances of debtors.


Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and commercial law is a general term which mainly regulates commercial activities and relations of individuals and corporations. The relevant legislation has been frequently changing as a consequence of requirements and technological developments. Therefore, corporations and individuals operating in commerce are required to comply with laws and be protected against possible damages.


Labor law regulates the relation between employees and employers who are contractual parties of the service. Ministry of Labor, Social Security Instutiton, Turkish Employment Organisation, Unions and Associations are in the scope of Labour law because of the fact that the government is involved in the relation between employees and employers.

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With over 20 years’ experience and a dynamic team consisting of attorneys who are experts in their fields every kind of scenario is evaluated and a wide range attorney and legal consultancy services are provided for respected corporation, company and individuals operating in Turkey and abroad in accordance with their needs with. “one-to-one” connection with clients and solutions partnership policy.