Our Working Areas

Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankcruptcy Law regulates ways of collection of receivables in case of the non-payment of debts. It is possible to commence either an execution proceedings or a bankcruptcy proceedings under certain circumstances of debtors. Which legal options the debtor has against unlawful executions or bankruptcy proceedings and the contuniation of process, which legal opportunities the creditor has to collect its receivables, and also under which conditions the bankcruptcy can be commenced are the main topics for the individuals and companies.

Şahin Law Firm not only promptly brings to a conclusion of client’s execution and bankruptcy processes for collecting receivables but also advise both the debtor and the creditor about the Enforcement and Bankcruptcy Law.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Preparation and commencing execution proceedings with and without judgement concerning commercial and individual claims,

-Restructuring individual and corporate debts,

-Reconciliation of debates with creditors,

-Providing legal support with the aim of protecting rights and benefits  in execution proceedings to the detriment of the client,

-Prosecution of bill of exchanges based upon seizure,

-Prosecution through foreclosure,

-Making a denunciation related to drawing a kite check in accordance with new law of cheques and monitoring the process,


-Eviction of leased real property through execution without judgement,

-Bankruptcy cases,

-Bankruptcy adjournment,

-Composition announcement,

-Restructuring of corporations and cooperatives through reconciliation,

-Negative declaratory and restitution cases,

-Actions of replevin,

-Annulment of tender cases.