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Labor Law

Labor law regulates the relation between employees and employers who are contractual parties of the service. Ministry of Labor, Social Security Instutiton, Turkish Employment Organisation, Unions and Associations are in the scope of Labour law because of the fact that the government is involved in the relation between employees and employers. For the protection of employees and production, it is required to determine relevant employee-employer relations and general working conditions, and obtain preventive structure against disputes that may arise in industry relations.

Sahin Law Firm pursues lawsuits relating to labor claims, reemployment, fixing of period of service and occupational accidents, provides legal services to resolve disputes which may arise between employee and employers. In addition to these legal services, our law firm organizes seminars, conferences and training services on Labor Law.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Preparation of service contracts between the employee and employer in accordance with the law and purpose,

-Preparation of workplace regulations in accordance with the law and purpose,

-Informing Human Resources Deparments of companies; supervising the compliance of its practices with the law,

-Preparation of notices and written warnings for the parties to fulfill their obligations arising from the contract and law,

-Termination of service contracts in accordance with the law,

-Providing legal consultancy on Occupational Health and Safety with the aim of protecting employees and providing security of production and enterprise,

-Legal consultancy on employee and workplace transfers,

-Enterprise decisions; legal consultancy on mergers and acquisitions,restructuring and their impacts on service contracts,  

-Representing our clients in litigations and execution proceedings arising from disputes in Labor Law.