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Energy Law

In Industry and Technology area, as a consequence of developments around the world, energy need is increasing and states are not able to satisfy the need on their own. When the states are inadequate in energy and natural resources area, satisfying the need in sector with investments of private entities came to light. Therefore, making regulations in detection and usage of energy sources, generation and consumption of energy became compulsory. Energy and Natural Resources Law regulates detection, development, usage, operation, utilize, control and protection of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Energy and Natural Resources Law is a law branch which is connected with Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Competition Law and Zoning Law.

Energy and Natural Resources Law is formed by many other codes such as “Law On the Organization and Function of Energy and Natual Resources” (Law Code No. 3154), “Electricity Market Law” (Law Code No. 6446) “Law On the Usage of Renewable Sources for Production of Electrical Power” (Law Code No. 5346) “Natural Gas Market Law” (Law Code No. 4646) “Petroleum Market Law” (Law Code No. 5015) “Turkish Atomic Energy Authority Law” (Law Code No. 2690). Even though numerous laws and regulations exist in Energy and Natural Resources Law, updated academic study can not be found because of frequent legislative amendments. Therefore, it is important to follow international studies regularly.

Sahin Law Firm, provides legal assistance in technical and legal issues such as planning processes, project phases, obtaining finance, environmental impact assessment reports, institution approvals and  conducting projects for public enterprises, firms which carry on a business in Energy and Natural Resources sector, national and international corporations which plan to invest in sector.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Legal consultancy on zoning planning and project process,

-Reception of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and  the prosecution of cases filed against EIA,

-Expropriation and privatization transactions,

-The analysis of legal status and risks,

-Transactions before EPDK,

-Filing a case against EPDK decisions,

-Preparation of permission and licence applications,

-Consultancy on incentives and incentive applications,

-Regulation of power connection and transmission contracts,

-Preparation of turbine installation contracts,

-Preparation of energy bargain and sale contracts,

-Preparation of energy acquisition and merger contracts,

-Preparation of royalty contracts,

-Preparation of distributing agent main contracts,

-Preparation of EPC and PPA