Our Working Areas

Health Law

Health law regulates the rights and liabilities between health service providers and beneficiaries. It is a law branch which aims to prevent and solve legal disputes between these individuals and institutions. Health Law is combined science of medicine and law because it involves doctor and patient rights and relation between health service providers and government agencies. As a natural consequence, health law is in a connection with legal structure of hospitals, insurance law, medical malpractice, drug and medical equipment law, organization and administration of Ministry of Health, Criminal Law and Administrative Law.

Sahin Law Firm, pursues lawsuits arising from Health Law, provides legal assistance in order to resolve disputes between individuals and institutions. Firm’s associates provide legal support for a large variety of groups in sector such as doctors, patients, health businesses, hospitals, drug manufacturing companies, medical device and equipment manufacturing companies. In addition to legal assistance on Health Law, associates organize seminars, conferences and in service trainings.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Regulation and preparation of contracts among health institutions and their suppliers, employees, patients and government agencies in accordance with the law,

-Legal consultancy on the permit procedures of The Ministry of Health,

-Criminal cases and claim for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from wrong diagnosis and medical intervention by medical personnel,

-Cases concerning insurance disputes of patients and medical personnel,

-Cases concerning insurance disputes and criminal cases arising from malpractices of doctors,

-Dispute resolution between Social Security Institution(SSI) and medical servers arising from the application of Medical Enforcement Declaration(MED) and prosecution of cases,

-Applications and objections to government agencies on behalf of medical servers and prosecution of administrative cases,

-Preparation of contracts to be regulated in production, distribution, distributorship and clinical research concerning pharmaceutical raw materials, devices and materials,

-Dispute resolution arising from patent medicines and brands.