Our Working Areas

Sport Law

Sports Law regulates the relationships between sportsmen, sports clubs and federations. It aims to resolve the issues that face between themselves. Relativity with Civil Law, Obligations Law, Trade Law, International Private Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law and such, makes Sports Law to be considered independent practice of area.

Sahin Law Firm provides consultancy services on Sports Law to every related real or legal person.

From this framework, some of our services provided are listed below:

  • Attending the meetings about Professional Sportsmen, Technical Director, Transfers and Manager and regulation of all related contracts,
  • Applications and procedures for sportsmen for licences, citizenship, working and residence permit,
  • Regulation of contracts on sponsorships of name and products, uniform commercials, copyrights and other marketing activities,
  •  Prosecution of lawsuits related to sportsmen’s and sportclub’s liabilities of torts in the area and out of the area,
  • Protection of personal rights of sportsmen and sportsclubs on visual and written media,
  • Providing legal consultancy about the Law on Turkish Futbol Federation’s Establishment and Duties, the Law on Avoiding Violence and Disorder at Sport, decisions of FIFA and UEFA’s decisions and their implementation.